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Of course, English literature is a basis of acquiring the language. The supply is just as extensive as it is confusing. There is even, for example, the possibility of downloading free literature classics from the net, which, purely theoretically is very practical of course, because it is free of charge.

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You might find some of our reviewed books already on https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/%3Fsort_order%3Ddownloads free for download. This collection is permanently growing as the copyrights of classic books are continuously expiring.

The studying strategy described above is, however, only partially recommendable, since, although the used language is very poetic – it doesn’t comply with today’s modern language. If you aren’t a total literature freak, choose simpler literature texts. You can find online English books, such as e-books and books in the classic book form. Choose based on your interests! We would like to recommend suitable books to readers: You can find numerous books, especially for learners of the language!

Together with our affiliate partner Amazon we recommend books primarily conceptualized for learners of the English language. The first kindle e-book promotes the idea of learning a language by pictures.

The second one represents a guide to conversational English.