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Estimated read time 4 min read

English (/ ˈɪŋglɪʃ /) is an Indo-European language belonging to the western branch of the Germanic languages, together with Dutch, High and Low German and Frisian, with which it still has a clear relationship. It is the most widely spoken language in the world for the number of total speakers (native and foreign) and the third for the number of total native speakers (the first is Chinese). Any country or territory where English is spoken as a native language is called English-speaking.

Now, you decide to discover how to speak English. There are many online resources that can assist you improve and practice your English. Now if you are like many other ESL trainees reading this post then you already have a pretty good concept of the English language. You more than likely are searching for a location to practice and improve your English abilities. So, here are four simple actions to do just that.

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1. Preparation: Discover English

There is no need to begin with the start, because you currently have a pretty good idea of English. Take stock of your current abilities and find out where you are weak. When you know what you require to discover … all you need to do is discover it.
So, select something from your list of things that you know you need/want to find out. Take a couple of minutes to analyze why you desire to discover this info, and ensure you focus on that specific point while studying. It is extremely simple to get side-tracked onto other topics.
If you do see something of interest while you are on your look for information … ensure to remember of it, so you can come back at a later time. But for now … FOCUS on the job at hand!

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2. Practice English

Now that you know what you understand what you want to learn, leap over to Google or Yahoo and do a fast search on your selected topic of interest. From there you should have the ability to discover websites that will provide you with tools and resources such as audio files, video files, workouts, and tests to practice what you want to discover.

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3. Usage

Alright! You are ripping, raring, and ready-to-go! You studied what it was you wished to discover, and now you need to put it into use in real life situations. Use what you just discovered on your friends and associates. Strike the forums and check out what you now know. Attempt to utilize it a minimum of thirty times to actually absorb it well and make it a part of you.

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4. Examine

When you are provided for the day, take a seat for a few minutes and examine how you did. Did you learn whatever that is needed? Are you still weak in particular areas of this topic?

According to some Scandinavian scholars, English, at least from its middle stage, is instead more similar to the North Germanic languages than to the Continental ones, given their marked affinity both in the grammatical and lexical fields.

If you have a strong determination to learn English, take note of these things. Start making strategy now and begin practice it tomorrow. Make certain to do these four steps every day, and you will gradually see your abilities progressing. So now … just go do it!

Academies24.com is a Fiverr Affiliate and earns a commission on referrals.

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