Learn Spanish from Scratch 3: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Course for English Speakers

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Estimated read time 6 min read

In this lesson, we will learn how to talk about our hobbies and interests in Spanish. We will practice using some common verbs and expressions to describe activities we enjoy doing, and we will also learn some new vocabulary related to music and TV shows.

Talking about Hobbies and Interests


Linda: ¡Oh, eso fue genial! (Oh, that was great!)

Brian: Linda, ¿tú también estás aquí? Nuestro concierto no estuvo mal, pero nuestro bajista, desafortunadamente, estaba enfermo. (Linda, you’re also here? Our performance wasn’t bad, but our bassist, unfortunately, was sick.)

Linda: ¡Su sonido es muy bueno! Mi hermana y yo estamos muy impresionadas. (Your sound is very good! My sister and I are very impressed.)

Brian: Eres muy amable. Y también es hermoso tu vestido… (You’re very kind. And your dress is beautiful too…)

Linda: Oh, gracias. Mi hermana me lo regaló. (Oh, thanks. My sister gave it to me.)

Brian: Tu hermana tiene muy buen gusto. ¡También tienes muy buen gusto en música! Jajaja… ¿Eres amiga de los Fisher? (Your sister has very good taste. You also have good taste in music! Hahaha… Are you friends with the Fishers?)

Linda: Sí, los Fischer son buenos amigos míos. Mi hermana y Britney Fisher son compañeras de equipo. Y los Fischer son nuestros vecinos. (Yes, the Fishers are good friends of mine. My sister and Britney Fisher are teammates. And the Fishers are our neighbors.)

Brian: ¡Súper! Pete Fisher es mi amigo. También conozco a sus padres. Mi padre y sus padres juegan al Bridge juntos. Nuestras familias se conocen muy bien. (Super! Pete Fisher is my friend. I also know his parents. My father and his parents play Bridge together. Our families know each other very well.)

Linda: ¿Tus padres viven en Londres? (Do your parents live in London?)

Brian: Mi padre sí. De hecho, mis padres están divorciados; mi mamá vive con mi hermano en Alemania y nuestro padre vive con su esposa aquí en Londres. Su casa es hermosa. Él es abogado y su esposa trabaja como profesora. (My father does. In fact, my parents are divorced; my mom lives with my brother in Germany and our father lives with his wife here in London. Their house is beautiful. He’s a lawyer and his wife works as a teacher.)

Linda: Mi madre también es profesora y mi padre trabaja como actor. Mi hermano menor va a la escuela, pero hoy está en casa. Mi hermano también es actor. ¿Conoces a un actor llamado Paul Marifa? (My mother is also a teacher and my father works as an actor. My younger brother goes to school, but he’s home today. My brother is also an actor. Do you know an actor named Paul Marifa?)

Brian: ¡Paul Marifa! Por supuesto. Me gusta los domingos, porque siempre puedo ver su programa. Una buena serie, una hora alrededor de las siete, una hora emocionante. (Paul Marifa! Of course. I like Sundays because I can always watch his show then. A good series, one hour long around seven, an exciting hour.)

Linda: ¡Espera hasta el verano, el programa siempre continúa entonces! ¿Tocas otro instrumento? (Wait until summer,

the show always continues then! Do you play another instrument?)

Brian: Toco el piano y la guitarra. (I play the piano and the guitar.)

Linda: A propósito, ¿qué hora es? (By the way, what time is it?)

Brian: Un segundo, ¡son las nueve! No, espera, son las diez y cinco. (One second, it’s nine! No, wait, it’s five past ten.)

Linda: Oh, pensé que era sólo cuarto para las diez. (Oh, I thought it was only a quarter to ten.)

Brian: ¿Tienes que levantarte temprano mañana? (Do you have to get up early tomorrow?)

Linda: Sí, desafortunadamente alrededor de las seis y media. (Yes, unfortunately around half past six!)

Brian: Bueno, déjame darte mi número. Me gustaría invitarte a mi próximo concierto: cero – cinco – dos – uno – tres – tres – dos – cero …. (Well, let me give you my number. I would like to invite you to my next concert: zero – five – two – one – three – three – two – zero ….)

Linda: Oh. ¡Te llamaré! ¿Quieres un poco de vino y un trozo de pan? (Oh, I’ll call you! Would you like some wine and a piece of bread?)

Brian: No, gracias. Ya he comido suficiente pan y no puedo beber demasiado vino porque tengo que cantar de nuevo… ¡Mucha gente aquí ya ha bebido demasiado! Jajaja. (No, thanks! I already had enough bread and I cannot drink too much wine because I have to sing again… Many people here have already had too much! Hahaha.)

Linda: Bueno entonces, ¡buena suerte! (Well then, good luck!)

Exercise 1: Verb Conjugation

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in parentheses:

  1. Linda y yo ______ (estar) impresionadas por el sonido de la banda. (estar)
  2. Brian y yo ______ (conocer) a los padres de Pete Fisher. (conocer)
  3. Mi hermano y yo ______ (ser) actores. (ser)
  4. Tú ______ (tocar) el piano y la guitarra. (tocar)
  5. Los domingos, yo siempre ______ (ver) el programa de Paul Marifa. (ver)

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Exercise 2: Vocabulary

Match the Spanish word with its English translation:

  1. La guitarra a. Piano
  2. La música b. Show de televisión
  3. El actor c. Música
  4. La serie de televisión d. Actor
  5. El piano e. Guitarra

Exercise 3: Dialogue Comprehension

Read the following questions and choose the correct answer based on the dialogue:

  1. What did Linda and her sister think about the band’s performance? a) They were not impressed. b) They were very impressed. c) They did not see the performance.
  2. How does Brian know the Fishers? a) He is friends with them. b) He is related to them. c) He does not know them.
  3. What does Linda’s sister do? a) She is a teacher. b) She is a musician. c) She is a team mate.
  4. What instrument does Brian play? a) Guitar and piano. b) Piano and drums. c) Drums and bass.
  5. What time is it at the end of the dialogue? a) 9 PM b) 10:05 PM c) 11 PM

Exercise 4: Writing Practice

Write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) in Spanish describing one of your hobbies or interests. Use some of the vocabulary and expressions we learned in this lesson.