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The Ukrainian language (Ukrainian: Українська мова – ukrayins’ka mova; ISO 639-3: Ukrainian) is the second Slavic language in regards to the number of speakers as well as belongs to the group of East Slavic languages. It is used by between 47 and 60 million people worldwide. Ukrainian is the main language of Ukraine as well as can frequently be spoken in all post-Soviet nations and also eastern Poland.

Speaking of East Slavic languages, it should be emphasized that the typical Ukrainian as well as Belarusian languages are somewhat different from Russian (specifically in enunciation), mainly due to the fact that they belong to the older Ruthenian group of East Slavic languages. The Ukrainian language has a well-known and also clear Slavic pronunciation.

Specialist study from 1934, in Paris, described the Ukrainian language as the 2nd most lovely in the world, evaluating by its tune. When it involves its pronunciations, vocabulary, phraseology as well as scientific framework, it is one of the third most beautiful languages on the planet, right behind French and also Persian.

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