Coaching And Psychology

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Estimated read time 2 min read

Coaching is a form of development in which someone, called a coach, helps a learner or client achieve a specific personal or professional goal through training and mentoring.The learner is sometimes called a coachee.

Occasionally, coaching can mean an informal relationship between two people, one of whom is more experienced than the other, who helps and guides while the other learns; coaching differs from mentoring in that it focuses on specific tasks or goals, as opposed to more general goals, or development as a whole.

Psychology is the science that studies mental states and its emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral processes in their conscious and unconscious components, using the scientific method and / or relying on an intrapersonal subjective perspective; it also deals with the study and treatment of psychic functions both in conditions of well-being and mental suffering or discomfort, due to subjective (intrapsychic), environmental and / or relational (interpsychic) dynamics. is a Fiverr Affiliate and earns a commission on referrals:

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