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Hindi (/ ˈindi /; native name हिन्दी or हिंदी in devanagari, IPA [hɪnd̪iː]) is a language, or dialectal continuum of languages, of the Indian subcontinent, and is mainly spoken in northern and central India. It is part of the languages of the Indo-European lineage.

Given the multiplicity of dialects, the primacy of the Khari Boli dialect, spoken in an area close to Delhi, has been recognized. On the basis of this dialect, the so-called standard Hindi took shape, which is what is meant as Hindi in the strict sense.

Hindi is one of the 22 languages officially recognized by Annex VIII of the Constitution of India, and is, together with English, one of the two official languages of the country: the Indian constitution itself is written in English and in Hindi .

It is the fourth most spoken native language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish

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