Germany, Austria, Switzerland – Travel Letter 2: „VIENNA“

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“Vienna is not only worth the trip, but also a few minor sins.”

Dear Konstantin,

I am writing to you about my first stop on my journey: Vienna! Are you all well? Even though I’ve only been on the road for two days, I already miss my family and especially you!

So yesterday I landed at Vienna International Airport and then took the train to the center of Vienna. As you probably know, Vienna is the capital of Austria with over 1.8 million inhabitants and is characterized by buildings from the Wilhelminian era, Baroque and Art Nouveau. As the imperial capital and residence of the Austrian Empire, Vienna was one of the cultural and political centers of Europe in the 19th century.

Like Kärntner Strasse and Kohlmarkt, the so-called Graben is a luxurious shopping mile in the city. But don’t worry – I haven’t bought any expensive designer clothes yet! 🙂

As a historic city, Vienna is also a city of churches and I met my best friend Eva at the Deutschordenskirche.

We had so much to tell each other and in order to calmly exchange ideas, we went straight to a typical Viennese coffee house and I must have shown her around a thousand photos of the family and our homeland. I hope that Eva will visit us soon.

My friend then showed me her city of Vienna and we visited the Staatsoper and the Hofburg, the former city residence of the emperors, in the 1st district.

A so-called Fiaker drove us through the center and dropped us off at a coffee house at the end of the horse-drawn carriage ride. There I tried a Wiener Melange – this is a traditional coffee specialty! Mmm, so delicious …

Then we went further to the imperial apartments. These were the living and working rooms of Emperor Franz Josef I.

At the so-called Naschmarkt with many specialties from Vienna and the region, we then visited a coffee house a third time and I finally got my first Viennese Sachertorte. A true culinary poem!

In the Naturhistorisches Museum you can find the oldest representation of a fertility goddess, meteorites and dinosaurs, the Venus von Willendorf.

The former imperial summer residence Schönbrunn is Vienna’s most visited attraction.

The Rektoratskirche St. Peter is the second oldest church in the city.

The imposing St. Stefan Cathedral, also called Steffl, is a landmark of the city.

At the end of our day tour I also visited the town hall and was so tired that I was happy to rest for a few hours in the great hotel that Eva had booked for me

But in the evening we went out because Eva surprised me with tickets for the Wiener Staatsoper. I had to prepare myself a bit to hide my tiredness.

As you can read, I’m very busy, but of course I always find time to write to you regularly!

I would of course be happy if you share this video letter with all of your family and friends. He will of course also help you prepare for the German exam!

Many likes would be great and please don’t forget to share our channel, then my next letter will come!

Until the next letter

Warm greetings

Your Natascha

Watch out for more letters soon!

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