Germany, Austria, Switzerland – Travel Letter 1: “Invitation & Departure: Travel To Germany, Austria, Switzerland”

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For those of you who are interested in German-speaking culture, I would like to publish Natascha’s German letters and emails. In the first episode of her travelogue, Natascha describes the departure from her homeland! I wish you much fun!

Dear Eva, I was very happy about your last letter and of course I thank you very much for your invitation! I now work for a large company in the capital and think that a few weeks vacation would be good for me. I also asked my boss and he spontaneously gave me three weeks off, so that I can visit you. I will be happy to take the time to look at your city of Vienna and also Salzburg. I don’t just want to visit Austria, I also want to spend a week in Germany! I would love to go to Munich and Berlin one day. If possible, I would like to travel to Switzerland too! 

I’m really excited when I think about seeing you again soon! It must have been five years since we last saw each other at the graduation party. We probably didn’t think that it would be so long before we meet again! Are you still with Jürgen? I have so much to tell you. In any case, it’s nice that you invite my friend over, even though you don’t even know him.

 I’ve been with Konstantin for three years and would like to introduce him to you. We had our anniversary yesterday and I wanted to surprise him with the invitation. He is such a nice man and he bought a beautiful bouquet for me! But unfortunately Konstantin has to work next week and can therefore not accompany me. Grandma is also very sad that I have not been with her for three weeks now, but of course she is happy for me too and I have already presented my travel plans to her. 

Maybe Konstantin can come here for the last week of my vacation! I’m on the plane right now writing to you. Soon I will land in Vienna! I am already looking forward to seeing you again and will call you as soon as I have reached the center. 

Warm greetings


Watch out for more letters soon!

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