The Ultimate Guide to Jordan 4: Release Dates, Styles, and More

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The Jordan 4 sneakers have always been a significant part of the sneaker culture, symbolizing both flair and athleticism. With various styles and designs released over the years, the Jordan 4 continues to be a sought-after sneaker for many enthusiasts. Here’s your ultimate guide to Jordan 4, including the latest release dates, styles, and more.

Air Jordan 4 “Bred Reimagined”

The Air Jordan 4 “Bred Reimagined” is expected to be released on February 17th, 2024. The design is nearly identical to the “Motorsports Alternate,” but with a red color scheme instead of blue (source).

Air Jordan 4 “Red Cement”

The Air Jordan 4 “Red Cement” pays direct homage to one of the signature’s most iconic colorways: the “White Cement.” This sneaker is heavily informed by the original design and is a must-have for Jordan enthusiasts (source).

Air Jordan 4 “Cacao Wow/Geode Teal”

The Air Jordan 4 “Cacao Wow/Geode Teal” is a kids-exclusive release. The sneaker world is buzzing with speculation that the Jordan 4 is slowly overtaking the Jordan 1 as the most popular Air Jordan Retro on the market (source).

Air Jordan 4 SE Craft “Medium Olive”

Looking ahead to December’s Air Jordan releases, the Air Jordan 4 SE Craft “Medium Olive” is set to be released. The sneaker maintains the classic silhouette that fans have come to love, featuring the iconic Air cushioning in the sole (source).

Why the Hype?

The Jordan 4 continues to be an iconic depiction in sneaker culture. Genuine Jordan 4s can be pricey, making it a significant investment for many sneaker lovers. The various styles, designs, and limited editions keep the enthusiasts on their toes, always waiting for the next big release (source).


In conclusion, the Jordan 4 continues to dominate the sneaker world with its iconic designs, various styles, and limited editions. Stay updated with the latest releases and get ready to add these fantastic sneakers to your collection. Whether you are a long-time Jordan enthusiast or a new fan, the Jordan 4 offers something for everyone, ensuring you always step out in style.

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