The Old Man And The Tree

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The old man and the tree.

A motivating story about learning any language.

Listen to this real story about an average man learning the language.

‟Everything is possible” were the first words  that a refugee learnt when he was brought to a camp in a foreign country a few years ago. This sentence characterizes the mentality among the people in his home country, he thought, and soon these words became his motto!
A few days later, he was cutting a tree when an old man approached him and asked if he was capable of doing small jobs instead of studying the new language in the asylum center.
Our friend responded with, ‟Everything is possible…”.
The old man added the words, ‟… or nothing is impossible!
Our refugee was in need of money, so he missed all the language classes during the following time.
But he translated the words he had heard with the help of a cheap mobile phone, he had just bought with his first earnings.
And he found out that this old man was damn right: ‟Everything is possible” equals ‟Nothing is impossible”…!

The refugee had never attended a single language class when I met him years later and he told me this fascinating story. But he proved that he had done an impressing job: studying the language by himself. Studying the language in a different and very individual way – believing in the credo
‟Nothing is impossible!”

This is probably the fastest way to achieve a basic knowledge of a language. Studying in a very natural way like kids would do

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