Christmas for Kids: Exploring Global Celebrations

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Christmas is a magical time of the year, especially for children. The twinkling lights, the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and the excitement of opening presents make it a season full of wonder and joy. But have you ever wondered how children in other parts of the world celebrate Christmas? Let’s take a journey around the globe to discover the unique and fascinating ways kids experience this festive season.

Santa Claus or Sinterklaas?

In the United States, kids eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus, but in the Netherlands, it’s Sinterklaas who brings gifts on December 5th. Children leave out their shoes and find them filled with candy and small toys the next morning.

Piñatas in Mexico

In Mexico, children celebrate “Las Posadas,” a nine-day celebration leading up to Christmas Eve. One of the highlights is breaking a star-shaped piñata filled with candies and fruits.

The Christmas Witch in Italy

Forget Santa; in Italy, it’s La Befana, a kind-hearted witch, who delivers gifts to children on the night of January 5th. Kids leave out stockings and find them filled with candies if they’ve been good or coal if they’ve been naughty.

Australia’s Beach Christmas

While most of the world is bundling up in scarves and mittens, Australian kids are hitting the beach! Christmas falls during the summer in Australia, so many families celebrate with a barbecue on the beach.

Japan’s KFC Tradition

In Japan, where Christmas is not a national holiday, a unique tradition has emerged: eating KFC on Christmas Eve. It’s so popular that families place their orders weeks in advance!

The Giant Lantern Festival in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for having one of the longest Christmas seasons, starting as early as September. One of the highlights for kids is the Giant Lantern Festival, where enormous, intricate lanterns are displayed.

St. Lucia’s Day in Sweden

In Sweden, December 13th is St. Lucia’s Day. Young girls dress up as St. Lucia and serve coffee and saffron buns to their families, symbolizing the bringing of light into the darkness of winter.


From the beaches of Australia to the snowy landscapes of Sweden, children around the world have their unique ways of celebrating Christmas. These traditions not only make the holiday season more exciting but also enrich our understanding of global cultures. So this Christmas, why not incorporate a new tradition from another part of the world and make the celebration even more special for your kids? 🌍🎄👶

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