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Yoga(Sanskrit योग IAST yoga m.; from yuga ‘yoke’, yuj for: ‘yoke, loop, tense up, harness’ is a philosophical teaching stemming from India that includes a series of physical and spiritual practices or workouts such as yama, niyama, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, meditation, kriyas and asceticism. The term yoga can mean “union” or “integration” as well as “harnessing” (cf. “yoking”) and “tensing” the body to the soul for concentration and concentration or for becoming one with consciousness will. Because every path to self-knowledge can be called yoga, there are numerous names in Hinduism for the different yoga courses, which are adjusted to the respective personalities of those striving for self-knowledge. Yoga is one of the six classical schools (darshanas) of Indian philosophy. There are various forms of yoga, typically with their own philosophy and practice. In Europe and North America, till recently, the term yoga was frequently only comprehended to mean physical…

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