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The little recognized island of Ni’ihau is actually the least up-to-date and the least inhabited of the islands. Therefore the island has made the name as the forbidden island. Ni’ihau is the only island where the predominant language is still Hawaiian. English is presented as a second language. The entire island is owned by the Ni’ihau cattle ranch, which is owned by the Robinson household. The Robinsons provide food, clothing shelter, education and practically anything else their individuals need. There is no widespread electricity here. Don’t expect to discover cell service for your phone either. Ni’ihau is the smallest occupied Hawaiian Island; it’s about 70 square miles. If a resident marries someone from even another Hawaiian Island, they will not be invited back into the community. Ni’ihau is such a closed neighborhood that there truly is no chance to go to the island. The Robinsons have, nevertheless allowed a small…

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