Learn English With Love – Chapter 9

Lesson 9: “At the Restaurant”

Dialogue 9 :

Brian: Oh take a look at the menu!

Linda: Great! I will take the fish! And you?

Brian: I will probably order the fish, too. I do not know yet!

Linda: Let us talk a little bit about your future! What are your plans?

Brian: I am going to become a doctor.

Linda: Great! And what are you going to do after that?

Brian: Afterwards, I am going to work in a hospital in England.

Linda: And are you going to stay in London?

Brian: Perhaps I will go back to Germany. Only time will tell. I would like to have family.

Linda: Really?

Brian: Yeah, why not? Hahahaha. And you?

Linda: If you like, then I will tell you now about my feelings and plans!

Brian: I would like to hear them! Tell me.

Linda: If I had the chance to do everything again, I would just do it again. Butif I had studied, I would have studied medicine or law. If I stay here inLondon, I will marry a nice young man. If I had the choice, we would have a big family.

Brian: You are very honest and open, that is great.

Linda: If I say something, I always mean it.

Brian: And if I listen, I can always keep a secret.

Linda: I hope so! Because if you couldn’t, I would tear your head off.Hahahaha.

Brian: But before that, you would kiss me, if I asked you!

Linda: If you hadn’t just said that, I probably would have! Hahaha. Oh look,the waiter is coming!

Brian: We would like the fish and the best wine you have!

Grammar 9 A: Future Tense “will” :

Singular: Plural:
1. I will play 1. We will play
2. You will play 2. You will play
3. He will play, she will play, it will play 3. They will play

Grammar 9 B: Future Tense “going to” :

Singular: Plural:
1. I am going to play 1. We are going to play
2. You are going to play 2. You are going to play
3. He is going to play, she is going to play, it is going to play 3. They are going to play

Grammar 9 C: Future Forms :

Tenses with future meaning Examples
1. Use Future Tense “will” forfuture events that cannot be controlled and for spontaneous reactions,2. Future Tense “going to” for plans, intentions and the near


3. Present Simple for schedules (e. g. times of arrivals and departures),

4. Present Progressive for individual plans and intentions.

1. “I think I will be back at seven.”2. “I am going to become a teacher.”3. “I am playing chess with him tomorrow.”

4. “The train leaves at eight”.

Grammar 9 D: Conditional Forms :

Conditional Clauses Examples:
• Type 1 for a general fact or something that isalways true: If + Simple Present, Future “will”(orSimple Present for general facts).• Type 2 for imaginary or unreal events andactions: If + Simple Past, Conditional 1.

• Type 3 for past situation that did not happen: If + Past Perfect, Conditional 2.

• Type 1: “If the rain stops, the game willcontinue”.

• Type 2: “If he invited me to his party, Iwould come”.

• Type 3: “If he had taken better care,the accident would not have


Exercise 9 A :

Fill in the correct future form othe verb. Choose from this box:

am am are are going to going to going tgoing twill will will will will

Brian: Oh take a look at the menu! Linda: Great! I ________ take the fish! And you? Brian: I ________ probably order the fish, too. I do not know yet! Linda: Let us talk a little bit about your future! What are your plans? Brian: I ________ ________become a doctor.  Linda: Great! And what ________ you ________do after that? Brian: Afterwards, I ________ ________work in a hospital in England. Linda: And ________ you ________stay in London? Brian: Perhaps I ________ go back to Germany. Only time ________ tell. I would like to have family. Linda: Really? Brian: Yeah, why not? Hahahaha. And you?

Exercise 9 B :

Fill in the correct form of the conditional forms. Choose from this box:

asked can couldn´t do had had had hadn´t have havhave keep kiss leavelike like like listen marry mean said say stay studied studied teatell will willwould would would would would would would would

Linda: If you ________, then I ________ ________ you now about my feelings and plans! Brian: I ________ ________ to hear them! Tell me. Linda: If I ________ the chance to do everything again, I ________ just ________ it again. But if I ________ ________, I ________ ________ ________ medicine or law. If I  ________ here in London, I ________ ________ a nice young man. If I ________ the choice, we ________ ________ a big family. Brian: You are very honest and open, that is great. Linda: If I ________ something, I always ________ it. Brian: And if I ________, I ________ always ________ a secret. Linda: I hope so! Because if you ________, I ________ ________ your head off. Hahahaha. Brian: But before that, you ________ ________ me, if I ________ you! Linda: If you ________ just ________ that, I probably ________ ________! Hahaha. Oh look, the waiter is coming! Brian: We ________ the fish and the best wine you have!