Learn English With Love – Chapter 8

Lesson 8: “At Home”

Dialogue 8 :

Brian: Oh it has rained up to now!

Linda: How long have you been living here? It is very nice!

Brian: I have been living here for 2 years and I have been studying for 1 year.

Linda: And how long has your father been here?

Brian: Dad has been working for 15 years in London and he has beenmarried to his new wife for 13 years! Oh look, the new vase just broke. Thedog hit it.

Linda: You have a dog!

Brian: Have you ever had a dog?

Linda: I have never had a dog, but I had a cat for 5 years !

Brian: Tssss… I have not had the vase long. I just bought it… for you!

Linda: Oh, that is very nice! But look, the flowers are still in the vase!

Brian: Oh, but the dog has also hidden my glasses. Now I cannot see at all…

Linda: You wear glasses?

Brian: I have been wearing glasses for 2 weeks at home! I got them for Christmas! Can you help me look for them? …

Linda: We already have been looking for … hmmm … for 2 hours now.Maybe you forgot them at work?

Brian: No, I always leave them at home… I have never taken them to work,because

I only need my glasses in the morning and in the evening. And I saw them at noon.

Linda: We have been looking for them since 8! In the cabinet, over thecouch, under the couch, beside the couch, on the couch, on the shelf on thewall, in the corners….

Brian: You’re right, we began to search at eight o‘clock. I am sorry. I stillhave not offered you a drink.

Linda: It does not matter, I am actually rather tired.

Brian: Do you have to work tomorrow?

Linda: No, I do not have to work on Fridays…. Have you already checked in the bedroom, my sweet mole?

Brian: Oh, good idea. Hahaha… Come on, the bedroom is up–stairs…


Grammar 8 A: Present Perfect Simple :

Practice the irregular verbs!

Singular: Plural:
1. I have played 1. We have played
2. You have played 2. You have played
3. He has played, she has played, it has played 3. They have played

Grammar 8 B: Present Perfect Progressive :

Singular: Plural:
1. I have been playing 1. We have been playing
2. You have been playing 2. You have been playing
3. He has been playing, she has been playing, it has been playing 3. They have been playing

Grammar 8 C: Present Simple vs. Progressive :

When to use the present perfectsimple? When to use the present perfectprogressive?
• An action in the past has a result now. Weare interested in the action itself and in theresult othe action,• for new and recent information.

• When we want to express how long anaction has been going on (unfinished actionsor

recently/just stopped actions).

Grammar 8 D: Prepositions :

Types of Prepositions: Examples (there are nsimple rules”; studyprepositions together with appropriate nouns/verbs)!
Prepositions of place(“Where?”) On, at, over, under, next to, below, off, in front of, behind,in…
Prepositions of time(“When?”) On, at, Till, until, after, from … to, since, for, in …
Other prepositions With, without, about, against, from, for …

Exercise 8 A :

Fill in the correct present perfect form of the verb. Choose from this box: been been been been been been been been been had had had hahas hashas has have Have have have have have havhave havhave hiddenliving living looking looking married rained studying taken wearing working

Brian: Oh it ________ ________ up to now! Linda: How long________you ________ ________ here? It is very nice! Brian: I ________ ________ ________ here for 2 years and I________________ ________ for 1 year. Linda: And how long ________ your father ________ here? Brian: Dad ________ ________ ________ for 15 years in London and he ________ ________ ________ to his new wife for 13 years! Oh look, the new vase just broke. The dog hit it. Linda: You have a dog! Brian: ________ you ever ________ a dog? Linda: I ________ never ________ a dog, but I had a cat for 5 years! Brian: Tssss… I ________ not ________ the vase long. I just bought it… for you! Linda: Oh, that is very nice! But look, the flowers are still in the vase! Brian: Oh, but the dog ________ also ________ my glasses. Now I cannot see at all… Linda: You wear glasses? Brian: I ________ ________ ________ glasses for 2 weeks at home! I got them for Christmas! Can you help me look for them? … Linda: We already ________ ________ ________ for … hmmm … for 2 hours now. Maybe you forgot them at work? Brian: No, I always leave them at home… I ________ never ________ them to work, because I only need my glasses in the morning and in the evening. And I saw them at noon. Linda: We ________ ________ ________ for them since 8!

Exercise 8 B :

Fill in the correct preposition, or leave blank if no preposition is needed.Choose from this box:

aat aabeside for for In in in in in on on on on over since under up-stairs to

Linda: We already have been looking ________ … hmmm … ________ 2 hours now. Maybe you forgot them ________ work? Brian: No, I always leave them________home… I have never taken them ________ work, because I only need my glasses ________ the morning and ________ the evening. And I saw them ________ noon. Linda: We have been looking for them ________ 8! ________ the cabinet, ________ the couch, ________ the couch, ________ the couch, ________ the couch, ________ the shelf ________ the wall, ________ the corners…. Brian: You’re right, we began to search ________ eight o’clock. I am sorry. I still have not offered you a drink. Linda: It does not matter, I am actually rather tired. Brian: Do you have to work tomorrow? Linda: No, I do not have to work ________ Fridays…. Have you already checked ________ the bedroom, my sweet mole? Brian: Oh, good idea. Hahaha… Come on, the bedroom is ________…