Learn English With Love – Chapter 7

Lesson 7: “At the Office”

Dialogue 7 :

Linda: Hello, that´s very nice of you. It was so stressful at work today! But it’sover!

Brian: Nice office! When did you begin to work here?

Linda: I applied for this job five years ago, and in 2002, I started to workhere!

Brian: I thought a lot about the film yesterday. I did not understandeverything, but I

had a really great time with you.

Linda: I dreamed at night about it. How was your day at work?

Brian: I was also very busy today. The customers had lots questions, butdidn’t buy very much! Hahaha!

Linda: My boss was not very nice today. I came in late this morning,because my alarm did not go off. Or let’s just say, I did not hear it… Hahaha

Brian: Wow! When I was showering today, my alarm went off. I did not hearit either. While I was preparing breakfast, I was listening to the news and itsuddenly occurred to me.

Linda: Yes, while I was sleeping, I was dreaming a lot…. I just could nothear the alarm! I was not feeling very well, while I was sleeping. I caught acold yesterday, while I was going home!

Brian: When we were walking home from the cinema yesterday, it began to rain heavily. Let´s drive home!

Grammar 7 A: Past Tense Progressive :

Singular: Plural:
1. I was playing 1. We werw playing
2. You were playing 2. You were playing
3. He was playing, she was playing, it was playing 3. They were playing


Grammar 7 B: Past Simple vs. Progressive :

When to use the past simple? When to use the past progressive?
• expresses that an action took place at adefinite time in the past (complete actions),• and is used to express that one eventhappened after another, • Expresses that somebody was in the middleof an action at a certain time,• Indicates apast action in progress, when a new event happened.• and is used for actions in progresssimultaneously

Exercise 7 :

Fill in the correct past form of the verb. Choose from this box:

applied began came caught could didid did did did did dreamed haoccurred started thought was was was was was was was was was was waswas went were

Linda: Hello, that´s very nice of you. It ________ so stressful at work today! But it’s over! Brian: Nice office! When ________ you begin to work here? Linda: I ________ for this job five years ago, and in 2002, I ________ to work here! Brian: I ________ a lot about the film yesterday. I ________ not understand everything, but I ________ a really great time with you. Linda: I ________ at night about it. How ________ your day at work? Brian: I ________ also very busy today. The customers ________ lots questions, but ________ not buy very much! Hahaha! Linda: My boss ________ not very nice today. I ________ in late this morning, because my alarm ________ not go off. Or let’s just say, I ________ not hear it… Hahaha! Brian: Wow! When I ________ showering today, my alarm ________ off. I ________ not hear it either. While I ________ preparing breakfast, I ________ listening to the news and it suddenly ________ to me. Linda: Yes, while I ________ sleeping, I ________ dreaming a lot…. I just ________ not hear the alarm! I ________ not feeling very well, while I ________ sleeping. I ________ a cold yesterday, while I ________ going home! Brian: When we ________ walking home from the cinema yesterday, it ________ to rain heavily. Let´s drive home!