Learn English With Love – Chapter 6

Lesson 6: “At the Movies”

Dialogue 6 :

Linda: Oh, I liked the movie very much! Did you like it too?

Brian: I tried to understand it, but I could not!

Linda: Yes, they used many slang words. The actors were really goodthough!

Brian: By the way, I saw your sister, yesterday, after the match.

Linda: Yes, she was at the match too. She liked it a lot.

Brian: But afterwards, it started raining! What did you do then?

Linda: I hurried home. What did you do afterwards?

Brian: Hahaha….We played darts! Your sister´s boyfriend is very nice!

Linda: I preferred my sister´s last boyfriend. He was also an actor.

Brian: The actors´ achievements were really great, but the leading actor’saccent was terrible! Hahaha…

Linda: You are right. I particularly liked the end of the film, but the seats at the cinema were, however, somewhat uncomfortable.

Brian: That’s why I already look forward to my own couch. Hahahaha!

Linda: Yes, it is certainly more comfortable. I already look forward to seeingyour place!

Brian: I’ll pick you up tomorrow from your office!

Linda: Great! See you tomorrow! Oh, it is raining again.


Grammar 6 A: Past Tense Simple :

Past Tense expresses that an action took place at a definite time in the past.

Practice the irregular verbs!

Singular: Plural:
1. I played 1. We played
2. You played 2. You played
3. He played, she played, it played 3. They played

Grammar 6 B: Possessive Case :


Saxon genitive (noun + ´s or s´): expressing possession or relationship: Add“´s” to the noun (for nouns which do not end with “–s” or an”s´” (for plural nouns which end with –s). The Saxon Genitive is usually used for persons(or animals): e. g. “Marc´s friends”, “My parents´ house”…

Genitive with “of” – is usually used for things (you can also use it for persons though): e. g. “The colour of her hair is blonde”.

Exercise 6 A :

Fill in the correct past form of the verb. Choose from this box:

could did did Did hurried liked liked played saw started tried used was were

Linda: Oh, I ________ the movie very much! ________ you like it too? Brian: I ________ to understand it, but I ________ not! Linda: Yes, they ________ many slang words. The actors ________ really good though! Brian: By the way, I ________ your sister, yesterday, after the match. Linda: Yes, she ________ at the match too. She ________ it a lot. Brian: But afterwards, it ________ raining! What ________ you do then? Linda: I ________ home. What ________ you do afterwards? Brian: Hahaha….We ________ darts!

Exercise 6 B :

Fill in the correct form of the possessive case. Choose from this box: actor´s actors´ of sister´s sister´s

Your ________boyfriend is very nice! Linda: I preferred my ________last boyfriend. He was also an actor.  Brian: The ________achievements were really great, but the leading ________ accent was terrible! Hahaha… Linda: You are right. I particularly liked the end ________ the film, but the seats at the cinema were, however, somewhat uncomfortable.