Learn English With Love – Chapter 4

Lesson 4: “At the Supermarket”

Dialogue 4 :

Linda: Hello! You work here, don´t you? I would like to buy a new blouse.

Brian: Yes! I make money this way, apart from my studies! It is better to earnmoney on my own!

Linda: Yes, and harder! Hahaha!

Brian: That’s right. It is better to go shopping! Hahaha.

Linda: Yes, but it is best to travel around the world.

Brian: Yes, but doing that is the most expensive way, and the wages aregetting lower. It is getting more and more difficult all the time.

Linda: That’s why I am looking for a cheaper blouse. I have already seenmost of the blouses here. Do you have a longer one also?

Brian: I´ll find the best one for you!

Linda: That is so nice of you. I will continue to look for the right one too!

Brian: What about these ones?

Linda: Do you have a green one? I need a new one!

Brian: Yes, look at these! For the price of one! Linda: They are beautiful!How much are they?

Brian: They´ll cost you a kiss as a special offer on Christmas Day … just formy loveliest costumer!

Linda: Hey! You are crazy! Hmmmm …. Let´s see …. Ok! I will take these,and that´s for you! (She blows him a little kiss with her fingers.)

Brian: Hahaha! Thank you, would you like to watch today´s soccer match with me? It is a very exciting one!

Linda: I will call you. I have your number.

Brian: Yes, the one from the party! Bye!

Grammar 4 A: Adjectives & Comparison:

Adjectives Examples:
modify nouns (pronouns) usually by providing description about them. “the old castle”; “I am fine”, “a goodfriend”, “He is as strong as his brother.”
Comparison of Adjectives: Examples:
You use the endings –er(comparative) and –est (superlative)1. for short words with one syllable and

2. for words that end in –le, -er, -y

and –ow

You use more and most

3. for words with two and more syllables and adverbs ending in – ly (exception early – earlier – earlies).

4. Some exceptions: good/well – better – best; bad/evil/ill – worse – worst; many/much – more – most; little – less/smaller –

least/smallest …

1. “Water is cheaper than wine”.2. “Whole-wheat bread is healthierthan white bread”.

3. “The buffalo is one of the most

dangerous animals in Africa”.

4. “It is getting better every day”.

Grammar 4 B: “one” and “ones” :

Use the indefinite pronouns one ones

instead of a noun which has already been mentioned to avoid repetition of the noun

(“one” for singular nouns, “ones” for plural nouns).

Exercise 4 A :

Fill in the correct form of the adjective. Choose from this box:

best better better cheaper difficult expensive harder longer lower mormoremost new right

Linda: Hello! You work here, don´t you? I would like to buy a ________ blouse. Brian: Yes! I make money this way, apart from my studies! It is ____ to earn money on my own! Linda: Yes, and ________! Hahaha! Brian: That’s ________. It is ________ to go shopping! Hahaha. Linda: Yes, but it is ________ to travel around the world. Brian: Yes, but doing that is the ________ ________way, and the wages are getting ________. It is getting ________ and ________ ________ all the time. Linda: That’s why I am looking for a ________ blouse. I have already seen ________ of the blouses here. Do you have a ________ one also?

Exercise 4 B :

Fill in one or ones”. Choose from this box:

one one one one one one one ones

Linda: That’s why I am looking for a cheaper blouse. I have already seen most of the blouses here. Do you have a longer ________ also? Brian: I´ll find the best ________ for you! Linda: That is so nice of you. I will continue to look for the right ________ too! Brian: What about these ________? Linda: Do you have a green ________? I need a new ________! Brian: Yes, look at these! For the price of one! Linda: They are beautiful! How much are they? Brian: They´ll cost you a kiss as a special offer on Christmas Day … just for my loveliest costumer! Linda: Hey! You are crazy! Hmmmm …. Let´s see …. Ok! I will take these, and that´s for you! (She blows him a little kiss with her fingers.) Brian: Hahaha! Thank you, would you like to watch today´s soccer match with me? It is a very exciting ________! Linda: I will call you. I have your number. Brian: Yes, the ________ from the party! Bye!