Learn English With Love – Chapter 3

Lesson 3: “At the Party”

Dialogue 3 :

Linda: Oh, that was great!

Brian: Linda, you are also here? Our performance was not bad, but our bassist, unfortunately, was sick.

Linda: Your sound is very mad! My sister and I were very much impressed!

Brian: You are so nice! So is your dress…

Linda: Oh, thanks. My sister gave it to me.

Brian: Your sister has very good taste. Your taste in music is also very good! Hahaha… Are you friends with the Fischers?

Linda: Yes, the Fishers are good friends of mine. My sister and Britney Fisher are team mates. And the Fishers are our neighbours.

Brian: Super! Pete Fisher is my friend. I also know his parents. My father and his parents play Bridge together. Our families know each other very well.

Linda: Do your parents live in London?

Brian: My father does. My parents are actually divorced; my Mum lives with my brother in Germany, and our father lives with his wife here in London. Their house is beautiful. He is a lawyer and his wife works as a teacher.

Linda: My mother is also a teacher and my father works as an actor. My younger brother goes to school, but he is at home today. My brother is anactor too. Do you know an actor by the name of Paul Marifa?

Brian: Paul Marifa! Of course. I like Sundays, because I can always watch his show then. A good series, one hour long around seven, an exciting hour.

Linda: Wait until summer, the show always continues then! Do you play another instrument?

Brian: I play the piano and the guitar.

Linda: By the way, what time is it?

Brian: One second, it is nine! No, wait! It is five past ten.

Linda: Oh, I thought it was only a quarter to ten.

Brian: Do you have to get up early tomorrow?

Linda: Yes, unfortunately around half past six! Oh, finally, the dinner is over! They wanted to begin around eight, and now, it is nearly a quarter past ten and I have to be back home around eleven. It will be twelve soon, I think.

Brian: Let me give you my number. I would like to invite you to my nextconcert: zero – five – two – one – three – three – two – zero ….

Linda: Oh. I’ll call you! Would you like some wine and a piece of bread?

Brian: No thanks! I already had enough bread and I cannot drink too much  wine, because I have to sing again… Many people here have already had too much! Hahaha.

Linda: Well then, good luck!

Grammar 3 A: Possessive Pronouns :

with noun:

Singular: Plural:
my our
your your
His, her, its their

Grammar 3 B: Possessive Pronouns :

without noun:

Singular: Plural:
mine ours
yours yours
His, hers, its theirs

Grammar 3 C: Articles :

Articles General use (there are some exceptions!)

A an (indefinite article): depends

on the initial sound of the adjective that immediately follows the article (e. g. “banana, an apple”)

with: countable nouns; nouns indicating nationality, profession, religion, membership…;some phrases (e. g. “what a pity”) …
The (definite article) with: plural names of people and places; whenthere is only one of something (e. g. “the last samurai“); specific people and things …
No article with: uncountable nouns; names of people;names of places; names of meals, days, months and seasons; persons and things ingeneral (e. g. “Children are not little adults”) …

Grammar 3 D: Numbers :

Cardinal Numbers: Ordinal Numbers:
0 zero 1st first
1 one 2nd second
2 two 3rd third
3 three 4th fourth
4 four 5th fifth
5 five 6th sixth
6 six 7th seventh
7 seven 8th eighth
8 eight 9th ninth
9 nine 10th tenth
10 ten
11 eleven Other numeral expressions:
12 twelve 1 x once
13 thirteen 2 x twice
14 fourteen 3 x three times
20 twenty 4 x four times
21 twenty-one
30 thirty Fractions:
40 forty 1/2 a half
50 fifty 1/3 a third
60 sixty 2/3 two thirds
70 seventy 3/4 three quarters
80 eighty 2/5 two fifths
90 ninety 4/10 four tenths
100 a hundred 1 1/2 one and a half
101 a hundred and one Decimals:
110 a hundred and ten 2.5 two point five
200 two hundred 1.25 one point twenty-five
1000 one thousand Other numeral expressions:
1001 one thousand and one single
2000 two thousand double
1.000.000 one million threefold one billion

Exercise 3 A :

Fill in the correct possessive pronoun. Choose from this box:

his his his his mine My My My my my my My My My My My My my Our our our Our Our Their Your Your your your Your

Linda: Oh, that was great! Brian: Linda, you are also here? ____ performance was not bad, but ____ bassist, unfortunately, was sick. Linda: ____ sound is very mad! ____ sister and I were very much impressed! Brian: You are so nice! So is ____ dress… Linda: Oh, thanks. ____ sister gave it to me. Brian: ____ sister has very good taste. ____ taste in music is also very good! Hahaha… Are you friends with the Fischers? Linda: Yes, the Fishers are good friends of ____. ____ sister and Britney Fisher are team mates. And the Fishers are ____ neighbours. Brian: Super! Pete Fisher is ____ friend. I also know ____ parents. ____ father and ____ parents play Bridge together. ____ families know each other very well. Linda: Do ____ parents live in London? Brian: ____ father does. ____ parents are actually divorced; ____ Mum lives with ____ brother in Germany, and ____ father lives with ____ wife here in London. ____ house is beautiful. He is a lawyer and ____ wife works as a teacher. Linda: ____ mother is also a teacher and ____ father works as an actor. ____ younger brother goes to school, but he is at home today. ____ brother is an actor too. Do you know an actor by the name of Paul Marifa? Brian: Paul Marifa! Of course

Exercise 3 B :

Fill in the correct article, or leave blank if no preposition is needed. Choosefrom this box:

– – A a a an an an an the the the

He is ____ lawyer and his wife works as ____ teacher. Linda: My mother is also ____ teacher and my father works as ____ actor. My younger brother goes to school, but he is at home today. My brother is ____ actor too. Do you know ____ actor by the name of Paul Marifa? Brian: Paul Marifa! Of course.I like – Sundays, because I can always watch his show then. ____ good series, one hour long around seven, ____ exciting hour. Linda: Wait until – summer, ____ show always continues then! Do you play another instrument? Brian: I play ____ piano and ____ guitar.