Learn English With Love – Chapter 2

Lesson 2: “At the Bus Station”

Dialogue 2 :


Linda: Hello, Brandon!

Brian: Hello, Linda, but actually, my name is not Brandon!

Linda: Oh sorry – ooops, your name is… Brian. Right? What are you doinghere?

Brian: I am going straight to the university. What are you doing now?

Linda: I am waiting for the bus and, meanwhile, reading this book!

Brian: I can wait with you.

Linda: Oh, that is so nice of you! And what is your friend doing now?

Brian: He is lying in bed, watching television, and eating my donuts….

Linda: Haha… my sister is also still sleeping. But we are both working andstudying…

Brian: Too bad, I know! Which company do you work for?

Linda: I have an office job at a large company, and I drive to manycustomers.

Brian: What do you do in your spare time?

Linda: I read, as you see, I go to the cinema with my sister, and we like to goto parties. I travel a lot and like to see the world. My sister also likes to travel – however, she just does not have enough money. Sometimes I like to justsimply lie on my sofa and watch TV. And what do you do?

Brian: I study and live here. I study quite a lot and work in a departmentstore. And I

make music. My friend makes music too. We often do live–stuff!

Linda: That’s cool! Which instrument do you play?

Brian: I play the guitar! And my friend plays the saxophone!

Linda: Oh, that’s my bus! I really like talking to you!

Brian: See you later!

Grammar 2 A: Present Tense Simple :

Singular: Plural:
1. I play 1. We play
2. You play 2. You play
3. He plays, she plays, it plays 3. They play

Grammar 2 B: Present TenseProgressive :

Singular: Plural:
1. I am playing 1. We are playing
2. You are playing 2. You are playing
3. He is playing, she is playing, it is playing 3. They are playing

Grammar 2 C: Present Simple vs.Progressive :

When to use the present simple? When to use the present progressive?
• When something happens regularly or• isa permanent situation or• to show a schedule or fixed timetable inthe future (present simple with a futuremeaning) • For actions happening at or around themoment of speaking or• for a longer actionwhich is currently in progress or• for individual plans already in place

Exercise 2 :

Fill in the correct present form othe verb. Choose from this box:

am am are are are can do do do do do do do does doing doing doing driveeating go go going have have is is is is is is is is know lie like like like likelikes live lying make makes play play plays read reading see see seesleeping study study studying talking travel travel waiting wait watching watch work work working

Linda: Hello, Brandon! Brian: Hello, Linda, but actually, my name ________ not Brandon! Linda: Oh sorry – ooops, your name ________… Brian. Right? What ________ you ________ here? Brian: I ________ ________ straight to the university.  What ________ you ________ now? Linda: I ________ ________ for the bus and, meanwhile, ________ this book! Brian: I ________ ________ with you. Linda: Oh, that ________ so nice of you! And what ________ your friend ________ now? Brian: He ________ ________ in bed, ________ television, and ________ my donuts…. Linda: Haha… my sister ________ also still ________. But we ________ both ________ and ________… Brian: Too bad, I ________! Which company ________ you ________ for? Linda: I ________ an office job at a large company, and I ________ to many customers. Brian: What ________ you ________ in your spare time? Linda: I ________, as you ________, I ________ to the cinema with my sister, and we ________ to ________ to parties. I ________ a lot and ________ to ________ the world. My sister also ________ to ________ – however, she just ________ not ________ enough money. Sometimes I ________ to just simply ________ on my sofa and ________ TV. And what ________ you ________? Brian: I ________ and ________ here. I ________ quite a lot and ________ in a department store. And I ________ music. My friend ________ music too. We often ________ live-stuff! Linda: That ________ cool! Which instrument ________ you ________? Brian: I ________ the guitar! And my friend ________ the saxophone! Linda: Oh, that ________ my bus! I really ________ ________ to you! Brian: ________ you later!