Learn English With Love – Chapter 1

Lesson 1: “How It Began…”

Dialogue 1:

This ithe story about Linda and Brian. Read how they get to know eachother in 10 edutaining lessons.

Brian: Hello, what are you doing here?

Linda: Hello, I am Linda! This is my younger sister, and we are waiting herefor our friend Carla. She is in the department store over there, and we arealready tired. Who are you?

Brian: Oh, I am Brian. Yes, I am also waiting for a friend. He is in thedepartment store, too. Are you here often?

Linda: We are here every day. Hahaha.

Brian: Yes, the department store is very big! Hahaha.

Linda: Look! There she is.

Brian: My friend is there too! Hey, what are you doing tonight?

Linda: We are going to the cinema! And you?

Brian: First, we are drinking something and then … we do not know yet. Myfriend is here since this morning. He is just on vacation here.

Linda: Are you also new here?

Brian: Yes, I am actually from Germany, and my friend is from Sweden. Myfather, however, is British.

Linda: Oh, that is interesting. Unfortunately, I have to go. You are very nice.

Brian: Thanks! You are too! Maybe I will see you around!

Grammar 1: Personal Pronouns, Forms of“to be” – Present Tense :

Singular: Plural:
1. I am 1. We are
2. You are 2. You are
3. He is, she is, it is 3. They are

Exercise 1 A :



Welcome to your Exercise 1 A

This  the story about Brian and Linda.
Hello, what  you doing here?
Hello, I  Linda!
This is my younger sister and we  waiting here for our friend Carla.
She  in the department store over there and we are already tired.
Who  you?
waiting for a friend.
you here often?
There she .
And what  you doing toinght?

Exercise 1 B :

Welcome to your Exercise 1 B

This is the story about Linda and Brian. Read how get to know each other in 10 edutaining lessons.
This is my younger sister and are waiting here for our friend Carla.
is in the department store over there,
and are already tired.
Who are ?
Brian: Oh, I am Brian.

Yes, am also waiting for a friend.
(masculine) is in the department store too.
Are here often?
Linda: are here every day.
Linda: Look! There (feminine) is.