Care For Your Health and Privacy: Arrange Video Conferences with Mag. Schaller

Mag. Schaller has organized numerous successful online coachings and courses in the past and can therefore refer to years of experience in implementation.

Video meetings without registration or download possible!

  • Arrange an appropriate schedule and participate
  • wherever you are – also at work or from home
  • on a laptop, tablet or even smartphone!
  • Save fuel, time and money!
  • You can also share presentations, work materials or drafts in your conference call.
  • Chat in a team or 1:1 and review results together.
  • Use the full functionality of Skype TM to fasten and strengthen your progress!

Care for your health and privacy!

We assist you with establishing a way to attend Mag. Schallers’ counselings and courses online.

Clinical psychologist. Get in touch via Thomas’ webpage: http://www.klinischer-psychologe.at

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Michael Schaller: Online Language classes, German teacher, coach.
Connect with Michael Schaller via Skype TM: https://join.skype.com/invite/f17YDYISK8Ag

Alternatively please send Michael your request:

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